Frequently Asked Questions - FotoAlbum

  • Q. How much does FotoAlbum Pro 7.0 cost?

    A. FotoAlbum Pro 7.0 costs $49.99. If you are a paid subscriber to our FotoStudio or FotoShare products, you can use the standard version of FotoAlbum for free or upgrade to FotoAlbum Pro for $39.99. If you purchased FotoAlbum Pro 6.0 you can upgrade to FotoAlbum Pro 7.0 for $29.99.

  • Q. I lost my license key to activate FotoAlbum Pro, how do I get it back?

    A. When you purchase FotoAlbum Pro, your license key is printed on the receipt that is sent to your inbox. If you no longer have this receipt, you can retrieve your license key by clicking here.

  • Q. If I purchase FotoAlbum Pro, do I get free updates to the product?

    A. Yes, you get free updates to all minor releases with your version. For example, if you purchase FotoAlbum Pro 7.0, you get all version 7 releases for free. To check to see if you are using the latest update, click the "Check for Updates" menitem from the Help menu.

  • Q. How do I upload pictures to my FotoTime account using FotoAlbum Pro?

    A. To upload pictures using FotoAlbum Pro, first add pictures to an album. To add pictures to an album, select the picture(s) and click the "Add To" button. Once your pictures are added to an album, select the pictures and choose the "Published-Public" menuitem from the web menu. Finally, click the FotoSync button to upload your album and pictures to your FotoTime web account.

  • Q. I am getting errors when I FotoSync to my FotoTime web account, what can I do to fix the errors?

    A. Click here for a page that helps you troubleshoot FotoSync problems.

  • Q. How do I remove a picture from my FotoTime web account using FotoAlbum Pro?

    A. To remove a picture from your FotoTime web, select the picture in FotoAlbum Pro and unpublish the picture by choosing the "Non Published" menuitem from the Web menu. Click the FotoSync button to remove the picture from your FotoTime web account.

  • Q. What operating systems does FotoAlbum Pro run on?

    A. FotoAlbum runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows 2000.

  • Q. How do I make my pictures secure in my FotoTime web account? What type of security settings can I setup?

    A. Each picture has its own security setting, either public or private.  A public picture can be viewed by all guests (users who enter your email address in the guest login field on the FotoTime home page).  A private picture can only be viewed by you (a user who enters both an email address and password in the login/password field on the FotoTime home page).  You can also send an invitation to a specific user which gives access to a specific album, as well as access to Private pictures.  Finally, you can turn off all guest logins by going to Account Info->Edit Preferences and uncheck the "Allow guests to login from home page" checkbox.  In FotoAlbum to change your security settings on a picture, just select the picture then select the "Published - Public" or "Published-Private" menuitem from the Web menu.

  • Q. What cameras does FotoAlbum Pro connect to?

    A. FotoAlbum supports connecting to cameras using common industry standards. We support cameras that:

    • Create a drive letter in Windows Explorer
    • Have standard TWAIN drivers
    • Are supported through Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

  • Q. When trying to connect to my camera I get an "Unable to Connect" error.

    A. Here are some suggestions:

    • Make sure the camera is turned on and is set to connected.  Make sure the camera batteries are not run down and the cable between the camera and the PC is connected.
    • Make sure that you have the appropriate drivers installed for the camera.
    • Try other programs to see if they can connect to the camera to confirm whether it is an issure regarding FotoAlbum or the installation of your camera drivers.

  • Q. How do I view the full-size version of a picture?

    A. If you are in the "All" view, "Explorer View" or "Album" view you can double click on any thumbnail and the full-size picture will be shown or you can select a picture or click on the "View" menu and then click on the "Full Screen" menuitem.

  • Q. How do I get pictures off of a CD and import them into FotoAlbum?

    A. Click on the Explorer button, then click on the CD Folder in the tree on the left-hand side. Select the pictures you want to move into the album and click the "AddTo" button. Click on the name of your Album and click the "Add" button.

  • Q. Does FotoAlbum support GIF, TIFF, or PSD file types?

    A. Yes, FotoAlbum has extensive support for several different filetypes include JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, GIF, JPEG2000, RAW files, Windows Icons, Windows Meta Files, PhotoShop files, and much more. FotoAlbum can also view video files in AVI, Windows Media, MPEG, and Quicktime formats.

  • Q. How do I delete an album?

    A. From the Album menu, choose Remove album.

  • Q. How can I add a caption? Is there an easy way to add captions quickly?

    A. To add a caption to a picture, select the picture then select the Picture Properties menuitem from the Edit menu. In the popup dialog enter your caption in the caption field. To add captions quickly, double click on a picture to bring up the full size view of the picture. Then click in the area that says "<Click here to edit caption>" this will turn the text to an edit box. Enter your caption in the edit box, then click Ctrl-Enter to save the caption and move to the next picture.

  • Q. How do I sort the pictures in my albums?

    A. To Sort the pictures in your album, select the album in the tree on the left, choose the Album Properties menuitem from the Album menu. Choose your sort option from the Startup/web sort field. If you chose "Sequence", drag and drop your pictures in the correct order.

  • Q. How do I slow down or speed up the slide show?

    A. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences. Click on the Full Screen tab. Increase the number of seconds for the Delay Slide Show field.

  • Q. How do I crop, remove red-eye or edit my pictures?

    A. Choose the "Fix Image" menuitem from the Edit menu.

  • Q. How do I transfer my photos and information about my photos to a new computer?

    A. If you are using version 7.0 of FotoAlbum, first copy all of your watch folders to your new computer. Next copy your photo library folder to your new computer. You can determine the location of your photo library by choosing the About menuitem from the Help menu. On the Help menu dialog, click the Info button and locate the Database location field. Once you have all of your folders copied from the old computer to the new computer, click the Add button to add your watch folders. Next click the File -> Photo Libraries -> Manage Photo Libraries menuitem to add your copied photo library folder.