FotoTime Registration Help

FotoTime Web Registration Help


Registering with FotoTime gives you full access to our web site and allows you put pictures on the web to share with your friends and family. All registration information is kept private. Registration ensures that you will enjoy all of the benefits that FotoTime and FotoAlbum have to offer.

Register using the FotoTime web site

To register using the web just enter your e-mail address, name and password on the account registration page. For step by step directions on how to register using our web site, click here.

Register using FotoAlbum

We also support registering from the FotoAlbum client as well as the web. This is useful if you downloaded the FotoAlbum client and never registered using the FotoTime web site.

The first time you try to synchronize and send your pictures to the web, FotoAlbum will see that you have not registered and display a dialog that allows you to enter the information to create your new account. You can also choose the Account Settings menuitem from the web menu to register your account.

Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password, click here to have FotoTime send your password to the e-mail account you registered with.