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Easily share photos and videos online with friends and family.
  • Upload and organize your photos and videos.
  • Invite friends and family to view your photos and videos.
  • Host photos and videos in forums, blogs, and eBay auctions.
  • Order prints and gifts created using your photos.
  • Control who sees your photos and videos using built in security.
  • Organize and upload with FREE FotoAlbum Subscriber Edition software.
  • Free and paid membership plans.
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Make money from your photos.
  • All the features from FotoShare.
  • FREE FotoStudio upgrade from FotoShare account.
  • Earn commissions from every sale.
  • Easily setup custom prices for each album or picture.
  • Choose which print and gift items you want to resell.
  • Protect your photos using our watermarking system.
  • Customize the look and style of your account.
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FotoAlbum 7

Try FotoAlbum and see how it makes organizing your photos and videos easier than ever.
  • Great new features in FotoAlbum 7
  • Organize photos and videos into albums.
  • Import from cameras, scanners and other devices.
  • Publish photos and videos to the web.
  • Add captions, keywords, dates, GPS locations and other metadata.
  • Create video FotoShows with your photos.
  • Archival system to backup photos and videos to CD, DVD, or removable devices.
  • Create a CD of your photos and videos.
  • Edit and correct photos.
  • Use the duplicate finder to find and delete duplicate photos.
  • Captions, keywords and metadata stay with your photos.
  • Free subscriber edition for FotoShare/FotoStudio subscribers.
  • Upgrade and subscriber discounts available
  • Free, subscriber, and professional editions available
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Prints & Gifts

Order from our large selection of quality prints and gifts.
  • Prints available in all popular sizes.
  • Choose from glossy or matte finishes.
  • Create mugs, t-shirts and other gifts from your photos.
  • Design holiday and special occasion greeting cards.
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FotoTime for iPhone

Upload photos and videos from your iPhone to your FotoTime account.
  • Works with iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Uploads both photos and videos
  • Uploaded videos are watchable by any browser that supports Flash
  • Built in upload queue makes it easy to batch multiple uploads
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