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Learn more about new features in FotoAlbum 7.0

  • Microsoft SQL Server Support

    FotoAlbum 7 adds Microsoft SQL Server support for storage of library information. While still supporting the lightning fast SQLite databases that version 6 supported, SQL Server allows for better performance in multi-user and network shared environments. All versions of SQL Server are supported including the free compact and express editions.

  • Uploading photos to Facebook

    FotoAlbum makes it easy to upload your photos to Facebook albums. Select individual photos or entire albums, and have your photos batch uploaded to Facebook. FotoAlbum maintians the albums structure you setup in FotoAlbum when uploading photos so that your photos are better organized on Facebook.

  • Print Contact Sheets

    Print multi-page contact sheets for photos in your albums. Optionally include metadata such as caption, filename, date, keywords, ect.

  • Drill Down Sub-Albums

    FotoAlbum 7 includes a new option to show sub-albums at the top of your albums thumbnails. This lets you quickly drill down to a sub-album's photos without having to use the album tree.

  • Export Albums and Photos to HTML

    Easily export your albums and photos to HTML. Great for putting on your own home servers to have remote access to your library.

  • Improved Metadata Searching

    FotoAlbum 7 includes better metadata support and now stores all your photos metadata in it's library include all EXIF, IPTC, and XMP fields. This allows you to quick search or create smart albums for almost any field in your metadata headers.

  • Optionally ignore hidden folders within watch folders

    Have photos you want to hide from FotoAlbum's indexing. Simply put them in a hidden folder and FotoAlbum will optionally ignore all files in hidden folders within your watch folders.

  • Added support for PDF documents

    FotoAlbum 7 adds support for PDF documents. As with photos and videos, you can add captions, keywords, and do anything you would do with photo file types. FotoAlbum also builds thumbnails for PDF making them easy to identify in your library. Double click on a PDF and browse through it with FotoAlbum's internal PDF viewer.