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Organizing your photos, and synchronizing them to your ipod
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Import photos into FotoAlbum Pro
Import photos from cameras, scanners, or folders on your computer.
Organize your photos with FotoAlbum Pro
Use FotoAlbum Pro to organize your photos into albums. Add captions, dates and keywords. FotoAlbum Pro has everything you need to organize your entire image collection.
Synchronize to your iPod
Use FotoAlbum Pro's device view to connect to your iPod and sync your photos and albums to your iPod. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to synchronize photos to your iPod.

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Top Features at a Glance

  • SQLite3 Database

    All album, picture and settings are now saved in SQLite3 databases immediately as changes are made. No longer are changes batched and saved in a proprietary format.

  • Multi-user ready

    FotoAlbum Pro is multi-user capable and can handle concurrent usage by multiple users/computers. A separate pro license is require for each network user.

  • GeoTagging

    FotoAlbum integrates with the GoogleMaps API and lets you geotag your photos. GPS coordinates are automatically saved in EXIF.

  • Multiple Watch Folders

    No longer must your pictures or videos be contained within a single location ! You can specify unlimited number of Watch Folders that FotoAlbum will manage as a single photo library.

  • Improved Quick Filters

    You can customize the fields that are searched. Fields that can be used in the quick search include: Caption, comment, keywords (exact or partial match), filename (with path), filename (without path), author, copyright, camera make, camera model.

  • Skins

    New skinnable themes provide customizable look to FotoAlbum. With a provided set of skins, you can customize FotoAlbum to match your desired style. In the future, a skin editor will be provided allowing you to create your own skins for FotoAlbum.

  • Import Batches

    Every image added to FotoAlbum is now automatically associated with an import batch and easily located based upon the date of import and/or type of device it was added from.

  • And MUCH More

    To see an entire least of the new features and enhancements in FotoAlbum 6, click here.

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