FotoStudio Features


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FotoStudio Features

Focus on your photography
With a FotoStudio account you have a 24x7 global storefront to showcase and sell the photos you take. Whether you shoot sports, parties, weddings, portraits, or other events, FotoStudio gives you the freedom to focus on your photography without having to worry about the work to maintain your store.
FotoStudio fulfills your orders
With FotoStudio, it's easy to get started. You simply upload your photos, set your pricing, and that's it. FotoStudio handles all aspects of order fulfillment including credit card processing, printing, shipping, and even customer service. FotoStudio's online reporting system lets you easily track your sales and see what your monthly commission payments will be. Proof and retouch your photos before your orders are placed.
Highest payout percentage
FotoStudio puts more money in your pocket than the competition. It's not just about transactions fees (of which our 13% is the lowest you will find anywhere). You also have to consider credit card processing fees, cost of prints, and how commissions are calculated. The following example shows how much more money you can earn on your customer's orders when you use FotoStudio versus the competition.
Completely configurable storefront
Why spend the time creating your own website to sell your photos, when FotoStudio has the features you need and easily integrates with your existing workflow. FotoStudio gives you complete control over pricing, watermarked photo security, and optional password protected events. In addition you can customize your galleries with HTML, CSS, and even your own logo.
Completely configurable storefront
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Signup for your FotoStudio account Setup pricing for your photos Upload photos to your FotoStudio storefront Give customers your web address so they can place orders
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FotoStudio Details

FotoStudio costs less and gives you more
Professional Features
  • Create an easy to remember custom domain name eg -
  • Proof and retouch your photos before your orders are processed
  • Offer digital downloads of your photos in several sizes
  • Watermark your photos for protection from unauthorized copying
  • Password protect your albums
  • Increase profits by creating multi-item print or gift packages
  • Improve your sales by creating discounts and coupons codes for your customers
FotoStudio's security system protects your work
  • Watermarks protect from unauthorized copying
  • Password protected albums let you control who can see each event
  • Invitation system lets you control what events your guest can view
  • Public & Private security options allow precise access control
Configuration Options
  • Easily setup custom prices for each album or picture
  • Use default markup prices by percentage or set individual prices
  • Choose which print and gift items you want to sell
  • Offer digital downloads of your photos in several sizes
  • Customize the look and style of your account
FotoStudio helps market your work
  • E-mail personal photo viewing and proofing invitations to your customers
  • Link directly to your photos from your web site
  • Create searchable events so your customers can easily find your photos
  • Optional participation in gallery attracts outside visitors
  • Easy to remember custom domain name eg -
  • Research your popular events and photos using FotoStudio's hit counters
Upload photos and videos
  • Several ways to upload photos and videos to your account.
  • Upload photo batches using our java (Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla) or ActiveX uploaders (Internet Explorer), or use your browser to upload photos and videos using the standard browse/upload method.
  • E-Mail photos and videos to FotoShare and have them automatically added to your account.
  • Upload photos and videos from the Mac using our third-party tools.
  • Upload your photos and videos using FotoAlbum Pro.
Organize photos and videos
  • Organize photos into albums and groups (sub-albums).
  • Add captions to describe your photos.
  • Rotate photos that are uploaded with incorrect orientation.
  • Change the display order of your photos and videos.
  • Add text/html to describe your albums.
Showcase your photos and videos
  • Paid FotoStudio accounts are advertising free!
  • Change your background styles (see below).
  • Choose your thumbnail sizes.
  • Create a "Welcome" page as an entry to your events
  • Choose whether or not to display captions below thumbnails.
  • Control transition between pictures in the slideshow.
Organize once with FotoAlbum Pro
  • Organize your pictures on your PC with FotoAlbum Pro.
  • With a few mouse clicks, upload your pictures and organization to your FotoShare web account.
  • Paid subscribers can use FotoAlbum Subscriber Edition for FREE.
  • Paid subscribers get discounts on FotoAlbum Pro upgrade.