Customizing your FotoStudio Account


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Sample FotoStudio Accounts

The following are examples accounts for real FotoStudio users. These samples not only illustrate how FotoStudio works, but also provide customization ideas. It's easy to customize FotoStudio, as well as integrate it with an existing website if you have one.

Check out the examples below, and if you want to apply some of the concepts you see in these samples to your own FotoStudio, there are links at the bottom of this page that give directions. If you need any more help, just ask us and we will be happy to assist you.

MMS Photo

Kelly Crout hosts her own website as a front end to FotoStudio. MMS Photography includes information about Kelly's services and includes a link to Kelly's FotoStudio albums so that customers can go to her account and make purchases. Kelly has also customized her FotoStudio account to include information about herself as well as links back to her website. Click on the images below to see how FotoStudio integrates with MMS Photography.

Freeze Frame Sports Photography

Dennis Viertel uses FotoStudio to sell the event photos he takes of local sporting events. He features great action shots of football, baseball, and even winter sports.


Fred Thomas has his own website as an access point for his customers, with a "Click here" link that takes customers to his FotoStudio account to make purchases. Fred picked our provided "White" style for his welcome page so that customers can see the contrast to his own website, but changes to a blank theme when viewing albums and individual photos because that gives the photos more of a pop on the screen.

BigShot Action Sports Photography

Jacki Boaz uses FotoStudio to sell photos of local sporting events. BigShotActionSports integrates with FotoStudio and features navigation links to take customers to each league's photos in her FotoStudio account. Jacki uses several FotoStudio features including multi-level albums, a custom watermark, and a navigation button at the top of each page to return to her website.

Customizing your own FotoStudio Account

Click on the following links to learn how to apply some of the conecepts from the above examples