FotoAlbum Video Support

Video Downloads

These downloads enable video support in FotoAlbum.

We highly recommend the open source FFDshow codec packages for Windows Media Player.

Both the Morgan codec and the Ligos codec are trial software and must be licensed within the terms of their licensing agreement.

Video Player and Codec Downloads

Media Players for Windows

  • Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player can play most common video formats found on FotoTime as well as videos that you are managing on your computer within FotoAlbum. It can be extended with codecs below to support a variety of different formats. We recommend using Windows Media Player version 9 or 10.

  • Apple Quicktime Player

    The QuickTime Player is used to play videos that are stored in QuickTime format. This includes most movie trailers, 3GP videos created by cellphones, and MPEG4/H264 videos for the iPod.

Windows Media Player Codecs

Use the codec downloads below to add support for different types of video formats to Windows Media Player. In most cases, if you can't play a video in Window Media Player, downloading and installing FFDshow will solve the problem.

OpenSource/Free Windows Media Player Codecs

  • FFDShow

    FotoTime highly recommends downloading and installing the latest version FFDshow codec package. FFDshow adds support for several different types of video including MPEG1, MPEG2, MJPEG, ATI VCR1 & VCR2, XVID, DIVX, and much more. FFDshow even plays many of the formats that the commercial codecs below handle.

  • Haali Media Splitter

    Haali is a container decoder/splitter that handles video formats not supported by windows. Haali supports the MKV, M2TS, MKV, OGG, MPEG_TS and other video formats not included with Windows by default. Great when used in combination with FFDshow.

Commercial Video Codecs