Sell Prints for Profit!


Get started today and earn profit from your photos.

How to make money selling your photos

  • Start making money by earning commissions on your sales.

    Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner you can easily start making money through the sales of prints and gifts purchased from your photos. You can set your own prices and earn the profits!

  • How to get started

    It's easy to start making commissions from the sale of prints and gifts. You simply setup an account so we can start to collect your commissions. Then you set the prices you want to charge for the items you want to sell. When guests purchase items from you, FotoTime takes care of the packaging and delivery, and automatically pays you a commission on the sale. You get commissions when guests purchase items from your account. When you place orders from your account, you pay the standard prices, and not the marked up prices, therefore no commission is paid.

    To configure your account to earn commissions, simply login to your account from the FotoTime home page, choose the "Admin Options" menu item at the left, then choose the "Earn Commissions on Sales" options from the Administrator Menu.

  • Setup an account

    You first setup an account that contains the information we need to pay your commissions as well as how to ship the orders that your customers purchase. There are several methods you can choose for commission payments from FotoTime including electronic funds transfers, paypal, FotoTime store credit certificates, or having a check mailed to you.

  • Set prices for the items you want to sell

    After creating your account, you setup the different price plans for the prints and gifts you are selling. You can choose from one of our provided price plans or create your own. A price plan contains prices for every single type of print and gift that FotoTime sells. For example, when setting up your first price plan, you can specify the prices for 4x6 prints, 5x7 prints, 8x10 prints, and so on. You can setup as many price plans as you like, but you only need multiple price plans if you plan on selling the same item at different prices (for example selling a 4x6 print of picture A at a different price than a 4x6 print of picture B).

  • How much commission do I earn from a sale?

    We calculate commissions by taking the price you sell your product for and subtracting your cost for the item as well as a 13% transaction fee*.

    For example, let's say you sold a quantity of five 4x6 prints at $2.00 each. The total charge to your customer would be $10.00. With our current price of 4x6 prints being 10 cents, your total order cost would be 50 cents. Your commission would then be calculated as:

    Commission = (Order total - Order cost) - (13 percent transaction fee)


    Commission = ($10.00 - $0.50) - ($1.24) = $8.26

    Commissions are not paid on shipping charges because there is no markup on shipping costs.

    * 13% transaction fee includes order processing, accounting, reporting and credit card transaction fees.

  • How are commissions tallied?

    As you make sales, our accounting system keeps a running balance of your total commission. When a sale is made your commission total from the sale automatically gets added to your total pending commissions. Pending commissions are held for 10 days due to the return period your customers have for returns or refunds. Once the 10 day hold passes (the window for customer returns), your pending commissions become available for payment.

  • How are commissions paid?

    At the beginning of every month, FotoTime processes all accounts and pays commissions. We pay commissions once your available commission total is $25.00 or more. If your account balance is less than that, your commission will carry over month to month until your account balance reaches $25.00.

    On the 15th of July, you make a sale in which your commissions total $47.00. Your commissions stay pending for 10 days, until Jul 25th. After Jul 25th, your commissions are available for payment. If you choose the gift certificate pay method, you can request a certificate anytime after Jul 25th. If you select any of the other methods, you will receive payment for your $47.00 the next time we run commission payments, which would be at the beginning of August.

    If you choose electronic funds transfer payments, then you should see the funds appear in your account in 1-4 business days after the payment is made. We do not charge any fees for EFT payments.

    If you choose PayPal payments, we will send payments to your PayPal e-mail address. PayPal will notify you of your payments via e-mail. While we don't charge any fees for PayPal payments, PayPal may charge a small fee if you request a check from PayPal.

    If you choose Check payments, we will print a check and send it to you via standard postal service delivery. There is an additional $1.00 fee that we charge for check payments.

    If you choose FotoTime store credit payments, you can request a certificate at any time. The certificates are good for any purchase made through the FotoTime store and do not have any expiration date. FotoTime does not issue monthly payments when you choose to be paid via certificates.