Generate more sales with coupons!

Learn more about coupons

  • What are FotoStudio coupons?

    Coupons are discounts that you give to your customers. Coupons are a great way to offer incentives to customers to make additional purchases. Coupons are also a great way to give free or discounted items to specific people.

  • How can I profit more with coupons?

    We offer several different types of coupons. Most coupon types allow you to offer incentives that give better discounts as more money is spent on an order. For example, we have a percent off discount coupon with tiers. The tiers would allow you to create a coupon that would offer 10% off for orders over $20, 20% off for order over $50, and 30% off for orders over $100. These tiers are optional and completely configurable by you, and allow you to give better discounts as customers spends more money.

  • What type of coupons can I create?

    FotoStudio allows to create as many different coupons as you want. When you create a coupon you have to pick a coupon type. You can choose from several different coupons types including:

    • Store Credit

      A store credit coupon is simply dollars that you give to a customer that can be used towards the items in the order. Store credit coupons cannot be used to pay for shipping costs and only can be used towards print and gift costs.

    • Print Credit

      A print credit coupon lets you give a customer a specific quantity of an item for free. For example you could create a print credit coupon that gives a customer 10 free 4x6 prints.

    • At cost discount

      An at cost coupon lets you give the customer the order at your cost per order without profit.

    • Free Shipping

      A free shipping coupon gives the customer free shipping. You can offer free shipping on any order or optionally specify that the free shipping coupon is only valid for orders over a specific amount. Free shipping coupons are only valid for domestically shipped orders. A free shipping coupon gives a discount equal to the least expensive ship option for the order. The customer still has the option of using more expensive expedited ship options, but the coupon only applies a discount equal to the least expensive ship option and the customer would have to cover the difference.

    • Percent off discount

      A percent off coupon allows you to give a percent off discount against the items in the order (doesn't apply against tax or shipping charges). Percent off coupons can have different levels of complexity. The simplest coupon could just offer 10% off, or 10% off of orders over a certain dollar amount. You can also optionally include tiers that give higher percent off discounts for higher order amounts thereby encouraging your customer to spend more to get better discounts.

    • Dollar off discount

      A dollar off coupon is similar to a percent off discount and only applies to items in the order and not tax or shipping charges. There are also different levels of complexity of dollar off coupons like percent off coupons. For example, you could just offer a $5.00 off discount or $5.00 off if the order was over a certain amount. In addition you can also have dollar off tiers that gives a higher discount off for higher order amounts.

  • How many coupons can I create?

    You can create as many coupons as you want. You can also delete or disable coupons so that they can no longer be used. At any time you can go in and edit a coupon and change it (although you can't change the coupon type after you create it). For example, lets say that you create a store credit coupon for Joe. Later you decide that you want to increase the store credit coupon by $10.00 - it's a snap to do so.

  • What type of limitations can I put on my coupons?

    When you create coupons you can put several different type of limitations on a coupons. For example, you could put an expiration date on a coupon, or make it never expire. You can also limit how many times a coupon can be used. Lastly you can limit which customers can use a coupon (by their e-mail address), or which albums a coupon can be used for.

  • Does it cost me to use coupons?

    It doesn't cost anything to create a coupon, and it only costs you when a coupon is used by one of your customers. What it costs you when a coupon is used depends on what you are offering the customer with the coupon. In general, your costs when a customer uses a coupon is the cost of the item plus the 13% of the original commission that FotoTime would have earned if the coupon was not used.

    For example, lets take a coupon that gives 1 free 4x6 print that your price plan normally offers customers for $5.00. If a customer purchased this print without a coupon, the profit from the print would be $5.00 minus 10 cents (your cost on the 4x6 print), or $4.90. Of that $4.90, you get 87% of the profit ($4.26) and FotoTime gets 13% of the profit (64 cents). So if a customer used a coupon to purchase 1 free 4x6 print, your cost would be the cost of the print (10 cents) plus the original FotoTime profit on the order (64 cents), or a total of 74 cents. If you create a coupon and not sure what the potential costs of the usage of the coupon are, please ask our support desk.

  • How are my coupon costs covered?

    When a customer uses one of your coupons and it incurs costs to you, we try in multiple ways to cover the cost of the coupon. First, if there are other items in the order with profit, we try to cover the cost of the coupon through the remaining profits in the order. If there isn't enough profit in the order, we try to deduct it from your account activity balance (unpaid commissions on other orders). Lastly, if there isn't enough account balance to cover the total, we charge your credit card on file.

  • Do I need to have a credit card on file to use coupons?

    When you configure coupons, you optionally can put a credit card on file to cover a coupon cost that exceeds your commission account balance. If you don't have a card on file and the customer tries to use a coupon that exceeds your account balance, the order will not be accepted by our system and the sale could be lost. You should also keep the card up to date, as if your card expires or is cancelled, it can also keep and order from being accepted by our system.

    Note that the card on file is only used to cover coupon costs that exceed your account activity balance when an order is placed by one of your customers. We do not use the card to automatically renew your subscription if it expires, nor is it used for any other purpose.