FotoTime Slideshows with PicLens

PicLens 3D Photo Browsing and Full Screen Slideshows

  • Immersive views for the web

    The free Piclens plugin from CoolIris integrates with FotoTime, and transforms thumbnails and galleries into a full-screen slideshow experience that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser window. With PicLens, you can easily view your photos in full screen slideshows, or using the PicLens 3D photo wall.

  • How it works

  • How to install PicLens

    PicLens supports most browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. Simply go to the PicLens download page and download the version for your browser. Once installed, setup your preferences to use PicLens. Just click the Admin Options link and from the Admin Options menu page click the Edit Preferences link. On the Edit Preferences page click the Display tab and check the Enable PicLens checkbox. When finished photos on FotoTime will automatically show the small play icon over thumbnails, which when clicked, activate PicLens 3D photo wall.